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150th Celebrations

Throughout 2015, Shrewsbury House School  celebrated its 150th year of educating boys.  

G-Live – February 2015

An exciting programme of events got under way with all boys in the School being presented with a commemorative tie to wear at the G-Live event held on 10th February 2015. The event involved all members of the school and saw the first public performance of the new school song (the lyrics were written by the boys) as well as a variety of musical performances and speeches related to the past 150 years of Shrewsbury House School. 

Launch of the Shrewsbury House Old Boys’ Society (SHOB’s) – February 2015

The Shrewsbury House Old Boys’ Society was officially launched in February 2015 at G-Live and will bring together past and present boys of Shrewsbury House. 

Three Peaks Challenge – May 2015

This initiative involved 11 staff members who aimed to climb the three highest peaks in Britain within a 24 hour period. The donations and sponsorship that they received will establish the Shrewsbury House School Foundation Fund, a fund to provide assistance to future pupils at SHS to enable them to engage in activities they might not otherwise be able to access such as the Senior Sports Tours and/or Music & Cultural Trips. 

Boys at the School did their bit by designing a poster and logo for the SHS Three Peaks Challenge. The winning design is being framed and will be placed on display in the Fifer Hall. They also took part in a pre-challenge ‘carbo-loading’ event and have studied various aspects of the Challenge in geography, maths and science. 

A Celebratory Street Party – May 2015

During the final lunchtime before the half term holiday, the boys and staff at SHS held a 150th birthday party for Shrewsbury House in the form of a street party in the playground. 

Shrewsbury House Association 150th Celebration Ball - Hampton Court Palace - 20th June 

The Shrewsbury House Association held their annual ball, with a special theme to celebrate 150 years of the School. This event was a great success and proved to be an evening to remember. 

G-Live Summer Extravaganza - Friday 3rd July 

In July the school again tookover G-Live for an evening of drama and the arts with all boys taking part. The evening also saw the unveiling of the new House banners representing Drake, Nelson, Raleigh and Grenville. This was the culmination of another initiative in which boys from each of the four houses designed a banner to represent their House. The winning designs are displayed in the Pinsent Hall. 



SHS Roll of Service
SHS Roll of Service