School Calendar

To add our dates to your calendar, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Synchronising with your Google Calendar (requires a Google account)
1. Click the logo, this will take you to your Google account
2. You wil be presented with a list of calendars – click the “Add” button next to each one you want to subscribe to.


Synchronising with applications which use “iCal” format (e.g. Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell Groupwise, Windows Calendar, Windows Live Calendar, Facebook, Yahoo Calendar, Joomla and WordPress)

1. Tools > Account Settings > Internet Calendars

2. Enter the iCal address:

NB: Don’t just click on the address as this will only import a snapshot, rather than synchronise when new entries are added to the calendar.

3. Agree to subscribe to updates if offered (this means new events will be added when added to the  calendar by an administrator.


Synchronising with Microsoft Outlook via RSS Feed (DOES NOT require a Google account)
1. Click
2. Follow instructions presented to you in Micorsoft Outlook