Bursary Information

Shrewsbury House School Trust Limited is committed to providing an exceptional education to any pupil who fulfils the entrance criteria, regardless of social or demographic background. There are bursaries available at all entry points.

The Governors of the Trust (comprising all Schools within the Shrewsbury House School Trust) are committed to widening access to the Schools by offering fee remission to eligible parents/guardians.  Fee assistance may be offered to parents who are able to demonstrate to the Governors, Executive Head, Director of Finance & Resources as well as to the Heads of the Pre-Preparatory Schools in the Trust as applicable, that they cannot pay full fees. Such an award is termed a ‘Bursary’ and up to 100% remission of tuition fees may be awarded subject to means-testing.

The Trust is committed to providing bursaries to those families whose children, whilst being of the ability and personality to thrive at the School, may not have the means to be able to afford to send their children here. In some cases, the parents or guardians may not have considered Shrewsbury House School for their child’s education.

For the avoidance of doubt, Bursary awards are for tuition fees only and not for extras offered at the Schools such as trips, clubs, uniforms and outings, which the Governors may consider waiving separately at its sole discretion.

Bursary FAQs

What is a Bursary?

Fee assistance may be offered to parents who are able to demonstrate to the Governors and Executive Headmaster that they cannot pay the full fees. Such an award is termed a ‘Bursary’ and up to 100% remission of tuition fees may be awarded subject to means-testing. Bursary awards are discretionary and subject to the financial resources of the School and approval by the Governors. Families with a gross household income of £85,000 pa or less, savings and/or investments of £25,000 or less and equity in their properties of £500,000 or less may be eligible for a bursary.

What does the bursary cover?

The bursary will cover or part-cover the tuition fees only. The Governors may consider waiving separately, at their sole discretion, costs to cover or part-cover educational trips, after school clubs, uniforms and outings and bus fare (on the School bus).

Are there any other costs?

If parents are not in receipt of a 100% bursary award, any outstanding termly fees are required to be paid in accordance with the School’s terms and conditions.

On acceptance of an offer of a School place, a deposit is also payable. Where parents are in receipt of a 100% bursary award, the Governors may use their discretion on a case-by-case basis to waive a proportion of the deposit.

How does the bursary application work?

Potential applicants should register their interest in a Bursary in writing, either by letter or email to the Registrar (registrar@shstrust.net) by 1st February, in the year preceding entry. The Registrar will then put applicants in touch with the School’s Financial Controller for further information. All applicants are required to fill in a means-tested application form as the first stage of the process.

When will an assessment be made?

An assessment for a Bursary will be made as soon as possible upon receipt of the completed application form and evidence of the necessary documentation. These should be sent to the Financial Controller by the 1st March in the year preceding entry. The Governors may consider applications received after this date, subject to the availability of Bursary funds.

How does the assessment for a bursary work?

An application form and guidance notes will be sent for completion and return. It will ask questions about household financial income, expenditure and assets/liabilities, details of any investments being held, accommodation and dependents. Documentary evidence will be required to verify the information provided. The Trust uses a specialist third party organisation, Bursary Administration Limited (BAL), to assess bursary applications.

Which parent should make the application?

Information is required from both parents and from anybody else contributing financially to the household. Where both parents live at the same address, only one application form should be completed. Where parents are separated or divorced, both parties should fill in separate application forms detailing the financial contribution made by all members of both households. The School will take into account the cost of maintaining two households. When an application is being made as a single parent, the school will need evidence that the child’s other parent is deceased or the absent parent has no financial responsibility (of any sum) for the child. This evidence should be provided at the home visit.

How long does an application take?

The form is detailed and asks for a lot of information. It cannot be completed in a few minutes. How long it takes to complete will depend on how complicated the financial affairs are. But the more information and documentation provided, the easier it is to make an accurate and fair assessment. It is very important that the form is complete and accurate before it is submitted. An assessment cannot be made is the form is incomplete or does not make sense. If false or inaccurate information are provided which results in your child being awarded a bursary, the school may be able to claim that money back under the terms and conditions of awarding a bursary.

How is a place for a pupil assessed at Shrewsbury House School Trust Limited?

The admission processes for each entry point differ and are set out in the Schools’ Admissions Policy. Full details and timings of the process for each entry point can be found on:

https://www.shrewsburyhouse.net/admissions/entry-process/ – Shrewsbury House School, Surbiton

https://www.rowans.org.uk/admissions/ – The Rowans School, Wimbledon

https://www.shrewsburyhousepreprep.net/admissions/admissions-and-registration/ – Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School, Esher.

If one child is already receiving a bursary award at the school, will a sibling be considered for an another award?

Yes, a bursary awarded for one child will be taken into account in assessing the support necessary for another but there is no guarantee that siblings will automatically receive a bursary.

Will a child be treated differently to other pupils as a result of receiving a bursary award?

The bursary application process is entirely confidential – teaching staff are not made aware of any bursary award provided. Consequently, the Trust is able to focus on ensuring that every pupil fully integrated into school life irrespective of their economic background, so that they can all benefit from what the Trust has to offer.

Does the bursary award last for the child’s entire schooling?

A bursary award is subject to an annual means-testing re-assessment and is discretionary. Parents will be expected to provide updated financial records in support of their re-assessment and this will be considered by the Governors.

How can a visit be arranged to find out more about the Schools?

Contact the Admissions Team on the following:

Shrewsbury House School – 020 8399 3066 or email registrar@shstrust.net

The Rowans School – 020 8946 8220 or email registrar@rowans.org.uk

Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School – 01372 462 781 or email jakhurst@shstrust.net