Shrewsbury House pupils have a 100% success rate at entrance to senior schools having taken a scholarship pathway.

Scholarship awards reward excellence and celebrate outstanding potential and application across a range of disciplines including Academics, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music and Sport. At Shrewsbury House School, we aim to support and guide pupils with the necessary innate ability and devotion to their chosen discipline through a programme designed to help them maximise their potential and reach their goal of achieving a scholarship award.

2022-23 proved to be an exceptional year with 22 awards (19 scholarships and three exhibitions) at nine different senior schools; the highest number of awards for several years:

  • Ten academic awards were gained to a remarkable eight different schools including Caterham, Epsom College, Hampton School, KCS Wimbledon, RGS Guildford, Reed’s School, St John’s School and St Paul’s School.
  • Six awards were made for Sport, four for Music and one apiece for Design and Technology and Drama.

Since 2018, pupils at Shrewsbury House School have won 99 awards:

  • 81 of the these have been scholarships, with the remainder being exhibitions
  • 34% of the awards since 2018 have been academic
  • 26% have been awarded for Sport, 18% for Music and 11% for Art
  • The remainder have been shared between Design and Technology, Drama and All-Rounder awards

Since 2018, Shrewsbury House School pupils have been awarded scholarships and exhibitions at 22 schools:

Bede’s SchoolLancing College
Box Hill SchoolMarlborough College
Brighton CollegeRadley
CaterhamReed’s School
CharterhouseRGS Guildford
Cranleigh SchoolSherborne
Epsom CollegeSt John’s School
Eton CollegeSt Paul’s School
Hampton SchoolTonbridge School
Hurstpierpoint CollegeWestminster School
KCS WimbledonWhitgift