What Others Say

Tatler School Review:

Academic rigour meets brilliant pastoral care at this Surrey prep, where boys throw themselves into everything at full tilt. ‘Calm and reassuring’ Head Joanna Hubbard is described as ‘hands-on’ with her ‘finger on the pulse’. In her third year as Executive Head, parents are already impressed: ‘We have always been given a clear path for our son through her knowledge and experience.’ With brilliant academic results, it’s important to note that sport, art and drama are also a focus – and ‘every boy is expected to take part.’ Senior school destinations include Charterhouse, Epsom, Eton, Hampton, King’s College, Radley, St Paul’s, St John’s and Wellington, and the school prides itself on matching each boy to the right school so that they continue to thrive.

Good Schools Guide

“This is a first class prep, where academic rigour is balanced by an equally strong offering in arts and sport”.                  

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What Other Schools Say:

Brighton College

“We are always delighted to welcome boys from Shrewsbury House, who arrive well prepared for senior school life. There is a shared ethos between the schools which very much helps this transition, with kindness and an excitement for learning at the fore. They arrive with confidence and enthusiasm, enabling them to discover new passions and make lifelong friendships. Pupils eagerly join in with all that the school has to offer – another shared trait of making the most out of every opportunity.”

Royal Grammar School

“We are always delighted to welcome applications from pupils at Shrewsbury House.  Looking at the boys who have joined us in recent years, they have invariably been mature and courteous individuals who have taken a pride in every aspect of their performance, whether it is in the curricular or co-curricular spheres.  They have quickly integrated into the RGS and have made a positive impact on our community.  In particular, Shrewsbury House boys have been charismatic and sparky, determined to make the very most of school life.”

Wellington College

“At Wellington College we strive to create an atmosphere which encourages every pupil, teacher and parent to believe that anything is possible. It seems to us that the preparation the boys from Shrewsbury House get leave them ideally suited to make the very best of all the opportunities that come their way. In particular we value the all-round education that Shrewsbury House offers: we know that the boys will be strong academically and will have begun to learn true independence of mind; we know that they will be ready to do their best in the sporting arena; and we know that they will already have had the benefit of a first-class cultural programme. Above all the Shrewsbury House boys that come to us have a strong sense of right and wrong, which bears eloquent testimony to the strength and scope of the pastoral support they receive during their all-important foundation years. We look forward to continuing to see Shrewsbury House boys thrive and succeed at Wellington College over the coming years.”

Hampton School

“We are always delighted to welcome boys from Shrewsbury House!  Life at Hampton is busy and action-packed and Shrewsbury House boys embrace all that is on offer with their trademark energy and enthusiasm, engaging with their learning and excelling in all aspects of School life both inside and outside the classroom.  Their willingness to join in and try new things coupled with their compassion for others is perfectly aligned with our ethos to aim for personal best while supporting those around you with kindness.”