Author Visit – Shane Hegarty

The boys in Year 3 were joined by Year 2 children from Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep for a talk by visiting author, Shane Hegarty. Shane was here to introduce his new book, ‘BOOT – small robot, BIG adventure’, about Boot, a toy robot who wakes up at a scrapyard with just two and a half glitchy memories. Shane told the boys about his harshest critics (his four children) and made them laugh with stories about his life with his family and of how embarrassing they find him.

Many of the boys had different types of robots at home already and they had some fantastic ideas for the type of robots they would invent themselves. The most popular choices were those that did their homework for them or dealt with bossy older siblings!

Shane was a hugely entertaining speaker and kept the boys royally entertained all morning, finishing off with a real highlight: some robot dancing!