Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert

On Monday morning, the SHS Singers journeyed to the Royal Albert Hall to prepare to sing in the Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert in aid of the children’s charity.

The choir, consisting of 20 boys from Shrewsbury House, joined over 1000 other school children for an event which was overseen by professional choral conductors Douglas Coombes MBE and Carol Lindsay-Douglas. The boys were given the opportunity to rehearse in an iconic concert setting, up against time as the ever-looming evening Concert drew nearer.

A wide range of music was sung throughout the day including British folk songs, Disney classics and a moving piece about saving the planet from the threat of global warming; a very relevant subject matter.

The concert concluded with a rousing version of Land of Hope and Glory, accompanied by a full orchestra and organ with flags waving high and proud.

Mr Thomas, Director of Music at Shrewsbury House, commented on the boys’ professionalism throughout the day and of how well they handled the big occasion. Thanks to Mr Lennon, Mr Driscoll and to Mr Thomas for accompanying this memorable trip.  Many thanks too, to all of the families who travelled to the Royal Albert Hall to support the Singers at such a special event.