This is a first class prep, where academic rigour is balanced by an equally strong offering in arts and sport.

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Our school strives to balance a love of learning, with robust foundations and subject preparation to enable boys to access a range of aspirational senior schools. SHS is a magical place, where boys develop a healthy world view, curiosity and impressive critical thinking, while having fun in and out of the classroom. 

Our teachers foster and encourage enthusiasm and innovation for the world beyond the classroom, helping boys to be as proud of their individual efforts as valuing the 21st century skills of teamwork, leadership and relationship skills, resilience and flexibility of mind. Indeed, a growth mindset and ‘having a go’ is behind our encouragement of appropriate risk-taking and discovery – a real feature of SHS.

Our broad-based, progressive and varied curriculum allows boys to hone their skills in myriad subject areas, while developing lifelong learning habits. A wide-ranging extra-curricular programme also adds to the educational experience, allowing academic extension and enrichment activities. The curriculum is designed to ensure that boys have the opportunity to maximise their potential; it is our responsibility to develop learners who can make the most of the next stage of their educational journey.

Many of our teachers are subject specialists who are passionate and knowledgeable and who delight in bringing their subject to life in the classroom. Languages currently include French, Latin and English; Humanities see boys explore History, Geography and Theology, Philosophy and Religion; Maths and the Sciences encourage our budding young minds. These traditional subjects are enhanced by cross-curricular opportunities and by many other subjects, from Art and DT to Music and Computing, Coding and Robotics.

Our residential trips – whether within the United Kingdom, or beyond its borders – are wonderful opportunities for boys to develop leadership and teamwork skills.  The introduction of extension opportunities –  in the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM), ‘Opening Minds’, Problem/Project-Based Learning (PBL) and Leadership –  enable boys to be part of exciting new learning areas. In addition, competitions, either in-house or inter-school, provide wide-ranging opportunities for boys to showcase their talents and ability.

Academic work is at the heart of what we do at Shrewsbury House. Our aim is to allow each pupil the opportunity to develop his potential to the maximum. This means setting the highest academic expectations for each boy and then developing the systems to monitor and support his progress and well-being. We choose what is in his best interests to enable him to thrive and believe this allows our boys to achieve more than they could have imagined.

Each and every day offers an opportunity to be a part of the wonderful adventure that is learning. Our varied curriculum is further enhanced by our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), which takes learning beyond the classroom walls and into the home and beyond…

Alta Peto.
Aim high. We certainly do.

Mrs L. Macallister – BA (Hons), HDE (PGCE), FRSA
Deputy Head – Academic