At Shrewsbury House, Classics is taught with a full awareness of the value it can bring to an education. As stated in our aims, the Classics Department seeks to interest students in the endless and wonderful stories from the ancient world, while at the same time highlighting the powerful influence of this world on modernity.

Studying the Latin language also hones coding, logic and pattern identification skills – skills which are so transferable in the study of other languages, music theory and mathematics. Far from being something of the past, this aspect of the subject sets firm foundations for logical and analytical thinking, which is often undervalued when describing the study of this important subject.

Classics features in every year group of the school, while Latin itself is introduced in Year 5. In the early years students study aspects of Roman and Egyptian society, as part of their History course, and in later years examine the Roman Army and the Odyssey in detail. In Year 8, boys even have the opportunity to learn Ancient Greek. Outside the classroom, we collaborate with other departments for day and residential trips, both nationally (Verulamium) and internationally (Rome/Greece). These trips allow us to explore the vestiges of Greece and Rome close at hand and far afield.

The Department prides itself on the excellent standards which the pupils reach in all areas of the subject. Through traditional and more modern methods of learning, we feel that the boys value the subject beyond examinations and leave Shrewsbury House not only with an appreciation of how language works, but also a curiosity to learn more about our cultural ancestry.

Mr A Greenwood MA
Head of Classics