Our aim as a French Department is to inspire, motivate and provide a solid grounding in French for all pupils, through excellence in teaching and learning. We foster a desire in pupils to continue to develop their language skill in the future through a dynamic and fun teaching approach and sharing of the language and culture.

Shrewsbury House prides itself on its teaching of French and as a School has always put a priority on pupils learning it to a high standard. Boys follow a timetable which is very conducive to learning both written and oral components, thereby providing both excellent subject knowledge and application. Boys are admirably prepared for their future studies.

In Year 7, the boys perfect their French with a language trip to Normandy, where English speaking is rare and boys have to prove themselves in French. They discover that they are genuinely able to use what they have learned: to buy food, to complete all the activities set for them and to communicate with the locals!

We believe in French immersion as much as possible, with lessons largely delivered in the target language of French, and we tailor our teaching to inspire and motivate our pupils.

Our knowledge of France is considerable (our teaching team includes native speakers) and we love sharing our experiences – whether it is about a typical French school day or traditional cake recipes, which pupils love baking for prep!