Our aim in the Mathematics Department is ‘To build competence, confidence and curiosity in Mathematics through the understanding of methods and the application of problem-solving skills.’

Whether it may be the story of Archimedes running down the street shouting ‘Eureka, Eureka’ or the excitement for every one of our students to be competing against fellow pupils around the globe in a Maths Challenge, we try to bring this fundamental subject alive for the boys here at Shrewsbury House.

It is our aim for each child to feel comfortable when dealing with numbers, shape, data and algebra, no matter what his ability. Highly experienced staff members teach to challenge and enrich those who are more capable, but also to grow and support those who may find the subject slightly more challenging. Boys have the advantage of specialist Mathematics teachers throughout their time here at Shrewsbury House where their progression and enjoyment of the subject is monitored closely by a dedicated and experienced team.

Mathematics is a fundamental part of a boy’s life – not only during lessons, but also enhancing numeracy across the curriculum. We want to instil an enjoyment and a thirst for the subject so that he may feel confident in tackling everyday life in a logical and independent manner.

A world of equations, shape and space, Pythagoras and so much more awaits your son and as a Mathematics Department, we would be privileged to equip him with the tools to be as successful as possible.

I walk away from parent evenings thinking “Wow, I wish I’d had teachers like that.”’

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