Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) features prominently in all that we do at Shrewsbury House and is an important part of our education and development of the whole child.

PSHE addresses spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues and aims to improve the well-being of the pupils at Shrewsbury House – as well as equipping and preparing them for life beyond Preparatory School.

PSHE is embedded in subjects across the curriculum. All pupils have a weekly PSHE session with their own form tutor, taught as a bespoke lesson in a spiral progression, and on a theme followed by all. This allows an age-specific approach to discussing issues. This lesson provides an excellent opportunity to explore and learn about some of the big issues of the world and many ideas and topics that pupils will encounter in their daily lives – both now and in years to come. Some of the challenging and contemporary topics include Fundamental British Values, Healthy Eating, Criminal versus Civil Law, Career Education and Public Institutions.

In addition to addressing issues within tutor sessions and lessons, specific PSHE-related sessions are set up at various points over the year, with visiting groups and specialist speakers brought in. Examples of recent such sessions include Internet Safety, Relationships and Sex Education, Financial Awareness, ‘Self- Esteem and Self-Confidence’ and Personal Safety.

PSHE themes are used by the whole School as ‘themes for the week’, and are developed further in Assemblies, House Meetings and Year Group Meetings, thereby raising awareness and understanding of topics across the whole school and encouraging cross-curricular link-up. The PSHE themes play a vital part in encouraging the boys to develop their own personal thinking and to understand better their own position and contribution to the wider world, while also stressing the significance of considering the needs and position of others around them.