‘To be inspired and challenged by an enjoyment of drama in all its forms through working both independently as well as in collaboration with peers’ is the aim of the Drama department.

The Drama curriculum enables boys at Shrewsbury House to build confidence in a safe environment. Drama gives the boys an opportunity to express themselves in a creative and enjoyable manner. It promotes a feeling of self-worth and an appreciation of the way we communicate with each other, as well as giving an insight into a series of dramatic texts.

Drama lessons provide the boys with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and ideas that they might not otherwise have means to express. The Department prides itself on being inclusive by providing opportunities within the subject for all boys in Year 3 through to Year 8. Drama establishes lifelong skills such as public speaking, teamwork, problem solving and social interaction – skills which are essential to the modern day workplace. It also encourages tolerance and empathy by allowing the boys to look at the world through the eyes of others.

Drama also provides an alternative perspective on a range of issues and we pride ourselves on supporting access into other areas of the curriculum. Every boy from Year 3 to Year 7 takes part in a School production on an annual basis and Drama supports the study for the English Speaking Board (ESB) examinations as part of the English curriculum.

Many pupils extend their study of the subject outside the classroom in specialist LAMDA classes which run after school each term. We also run Theatre Club for boys in Years 7 and 8. It focuses on the running of the theatre, concentrating on staging, lights, sound and props in their own and other Year group plays. A recent trip saw the boys visit The Rose Theatre in Kingston for a backstage tour.

Head of Drama