‘To be inspired and challenged by an enjoyment of drama in all its forms through working both independently as well as in collaboration with peers’ is the aim of the Drama department

The teaching of Drama allows the boys to develop in three specific areas:

  • Theatre skills: the curriculum is developed to include a range of theatrical skills including creativity, performance, design and evaluation
  • Broadening cultural awareness: by covering a range of historical periods and theatre styles, the boys have opportunities to develop their wider cultural understanding.
  • Personal development: through a range of lesson activities, boys have opportunities to improve confidence, vocal projection, team work, negotiation, creativity and self-evaluation.

Drama lessons provide the boys with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and ideas that they might not otherwise have means to express. The Department prides itself on being inclusive by providing opportunities within the subject for all boys in Year 3 through to Year 8. Drama establishes lifelong skills such as public speaking, teamwork, problem solving and social interaction – skills which are essential to the modern day workplace. It also encourages tolerance and empathy by allowing the boys to look at the world through the eyes of others. We pride ourselves on supporting access into other areas of the curriculum through themes, texts and topics linked across subjects. Examples of cross curricular work includes units based on Coral Reefs (Year 3 Geography), Archaeology and Ancient Civilisations
(Year 4 History) and Space Adventure (Year 5 Science).

Once boys are in the upper years (7 and 8) they develop their creative and reflective skills at a deeper level. Year 7 boys complete Arts Award Silver, a Level 1 qualification from Trinity College, London. Through this award they explore the arts through participation, research and observation as well as sharing their own arts skills with others. Boys can choose from a range of disciplines across the arts (Music, Art and Technology) to complete their award. In Year 8, there is a deeper focus on the analytical and evaluative approach to Drama. This is facilitated through textual exploration (studied as performer and designer) linked to important social or historical contexts.

Every boy has the opportunity to take part in a year group production every year. The school play is a wonderful way for boys to develop their confidence, celebrate their talents and share their hard work with friends and family. Each play is also supported by Theatre Club, made up of boys from Year 6-8 with a passion for theatre and an interest in back stage work. The weekly club helps boys develop skills in a range of backstage skills such as lighting, sound, makeup, stage management and set design. Extra-curricular also includes LAMDA, provided by an external tutor and boys regularly achieve distinction in their communication exams.

Head of Drama