Leadership skills are an important part of the curriculum at Shrewsbury House and each boy has one lesson a week in Years 6, 7 and 8 on termly rotation. Each year builds and develops on the previous, and the culmination of the course sees the Year 8 boys striving to apply their skills in support of the Junior pupils.

Year 6
This follows the PACE acronym: Participation, Area, Communication and Equipment. The Year 6 boys plan and deliver their own sports activity to the rest of the group. Popular activities include planning and leading a Capture the Flag game or obstacle course. The boys are taught leadership skills and then practically apply them.

Year 7
This is a theory-based year, where the boys discuss as a group what makes a good leader. There are many class-based activities and case studies include the American political system, the All Blacks and Sir Alex Ferguson. Towards the end of the year, each boy researches and then presents to the rest of the class a leader who they admire.

Year 8
This follows the FAST PACE acronym: Fun, Activity, Safety and Teamwork. This final year of the programme sees the Year 8 boys aiming to work with Years’ 3 and 4. Using all of the skills they have learned, they aim to plan and lead a skills-based sport activity for the Junior boys.