Music Groups

These music groups play a vital role in the musical life of the school. They form a high point of music-making to which all boys in their individual instrumental and singing lessons aspire; they help to form rounded musicians through the team aspect of group playing.

Junior Choir, Middle Choir & Senior Voices – There is a choir suitable for all who want to take part at SHS. Repertoire is a mix of classical, popular and musical theatre, and is a fun and supportive environment to start learning group singing, or build on solid foundations.

SHS Singers – This advanced group is open to experienced and committed singers from all year groups, who under normal circumstances will be taking singing lessons in or out of school. Boys experience choral and technical training from the Director of Music. Much of the repertoire is drawn from the British choral tradition, with a good mix of more popular styles. With external performances including the Barnardo’s Charity Concert and the Surrey Schools Concert, they have built up an excellent reputation, and these experiences are good grounding for music scholars.

Symphonic Wind Band and Junior Wind Band – Boys work on a varied repertoire ranging from film score transcriptions to original works for band. Both bands are run by the notable composer and woodwind teacher James Rae.

String Ensemble, Junior Strings and String Orchestra – Our premiere string group is the string ensemble, while the junior strings and the string orchestra providing opportunities for boys of all abilities to perform together.

Jazz One – This is the school’s premiere big-band. This flagship group performs regularly at prestigious events and experiences a thorough grounding in many jazz and rock styles.

In addition to the above, we have brass groups, guitar groups, percussion groups as well as Grade 5 theory training classes. All our music groups are run by our full time music staff or our visiting music staff who are of the highest quality, and all professionals in their own right.

Grade 5 Theory – Any boy who has reached Grade 5 on his chosen instrument will need to sit the Grade V Theory exam before he can continue on to Grade 6. We offer a club to boys of the appropriate standard taught by an experienced professional when there are sufficient numbers to run the group.

After-School Clubs: Symphonic Wind Band and Jazz One – Two of our premiere music groups are run as after school clubs. Any boy achieving a standard of Grade 3 and above on an appropriate instrument is considered and the parents will be approached.

After-School Clubs: Music Tech Club – This club is run by a professional music producer and aims to train the boys to sequence, record and eventually master their own music tracks.