Years 7 & 8 at Shrewsbury House

White shirts. Discovery Programme. Prefects. House Captains. Colours and awards.  Scholarship and Common Entrance preparation. Buddy system.  And more…

While every year is really important at Shrewsbury House, with each successive year building on the previous, we have to acknowledge that we also do something pretty special in our final two years in Years 7 & 8. 

These years put the roof onto an already impressive building, without which it would simply be incomplete.

Why stay at SHS for Years 7 and 8?

We recognise that boys develop at such different rates both emotionally and physically right until age 13. Senior school options should be kept available beyond Year 6 to enable exactly the right school to be selected for each boy. Because boys develop differently (and often significantly later than girls) it is key for our young men that the doors of opportunity are kept open much longer, so that the senior schools can see boys at their best as they develop and change.

Shrewsbury House is a Prep School with both a primary and secondary component to our School. So, instead of our boys in Years 7 & 8 being a small fish in a large pond in a senior school in Year 7, where the focus is decidedly geared towards GCSE and A-levels, our boys are nearing the end of their time at Shrewsbury House. Senior tutor groups are purposely small, with only 10 or 11 boys within a tutor group. This allows tutors to provide the support and guidance that the boys need at this age. Likewise, the boys also continue to have small class sizes in Years 7 & 8 and the attention they need to thrive.

The boys are trusted to lead others, and look after the younger boys, and we take these positions of responsibility seriously as part of our emphasis on character development. Year 8 is really special for them. What better opportunity to foster leadership skills, and prepare for the rigours of GCSE through the various Common Entrance and Scholarship assessments, in an environment which boys understand, and where our provision keeps the options completely open for them, while their bodies and minds are changing?

The Discovery Programme is offered to all boys in Years 7 and 8. These lessons go beyond the regular curriculum, offering a space to think deeply and to explore new avenues without worrying about grades. They are a way to expand pupils’ perspectives and develop their appetite for learning.  It also allows them to make choices, taking ownership of their learning, nurturing the variety of interests and talents of our pupils and building their confidence. The course content has been designed to appeal to the curiosity of the boys and each option will encourage the pupils to ask questions, not just find answers. It is all about discovering and cultivating the joy of learning. 

This programme is further enriched by our Seminar Series, hosted by the Executive Head, which takes place twice a term with guest speakers providing thought-provoking talks and lectures from a range of different backgrounds and experiences. The boys gain new knowledge and develop their skills of public speaking, effective questioning and critical thinking.