Discovery Programme

The Discovery Programme delivered on a Friday afternoon is well under way this term. The Programme is offered to all boys in Years 7 and 8 and Photography, Battle Strategies, Ancient Greece, Danish, Spanish, Robotics, Coding, Paper Engineering, Digital Composition, Exploratory Science (the discovery of DNA) and ‘Maths in the World’ all feature.

These lessons go beyond the regular curriculum, offering a space to think in depth and to explore new avenues without worrying about grades. They are a way to expand pupils’ perspectives and develop their appetite for learning.  It also allows them to make choices, taking ownership of their learning, nurturing the variety of interests and talents of our pupils and building their confidence. The course content has been designed to appeal to the curiosity of the boys and each option will encourage the pupils to ask questions, not just find answers. It is all about discovering and cultivating the joy of learning.