Eco Community Event

The Eco Committee boys donned their blazers with pride and walked to St Matthew’s Church in Surbiton to participate in an Eco event organised by the church last week. The participants included children from other local schools, as well as distinguished guests such as Sir Ed Davey, MP, Alison Holt, the local councillor, Jack Edwards, an environmental officer and Elliot Newton, a Bio-diversity Officer.  

The aim of this event was for schools to discuss their current and future plans to make their schools as well as their communities as ecologically sound and as environmentally responsible as possible. In their usual style, boys of Shrewsbury House spoke about their future plan with passion and clarity. Their genuine concern for the environment and their aim to achieve the School’s eco target was appreciated by all those present.  

Citizens of the future generations have been promised a carbon net zero by 2030, a promise that will truly stand the test of time.