Junior Maths Challenge

Nearly 170 of our Year 6 to Year 8 boys competed in the Junior Maths Challenge, earning 22 Gold, 32 Silver and 48 Bronze certificates, and comfortably outperforming the national benchmark.

Of the 22 Gold certificate winners, 14 have been invited to the follow-up competitions.  Carter J, who will take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad with his fellow Year 8 scholar, Theo B, recalls his feeling after finding out his peerless performance in the challenge, “I couldn’t believe it … I was just focusing on what I needed to do with each question.  It’s great to achieve the Best in School score.”

When asked about the benefits of maths competitions, Dr Liu believes that “among many other things, our pupils will build the confidence and exceptional skills for problem-solving, boost their creativity and, most important of all, have fun in doing so!”  

Good luck to our pupils in the follow-up competitions.