Maths Fours v Whitgift (SHS win): 32-27

Shrewsbury House got off to a flying start in the match to lead 14:11 at the half-way stage after various rounds of individual and pairs work. As expected, Whitgift came back strongly, winning the Team round by 10:6 to seize a singlepoint lead into the final round. With the momentum seemingly in Whitgift’s favour, it was time for our Maths Fours to show their resilience and mathematical prowess. We did amazingly well to hold it together and keep our composure under pressure. The younger members of the Maths Fours regained the lead by taking both of their races and hanging on to claim a famous double-victory over Whitgift right at the end. Eric and Adrian performed very well with a score of 12.5 and 9.5 points respectively to claim the top two individual scores in the match. An amazing team effort from everyone!