Prefect Appointments

Mr Doble had the privilege of awarding some of our Year 8 boys with their Prefect ties in Assembly. The senior boys were invited to apply for Prefectship in an area of responsibility in which they would be most motivated to lead. Mr Doble said, ‘The quality of the applications was excellent and they were a pleasure to read.  As a school, we were delighted with how the new system was embedded over the last academic year, as the Prefects really rose to the challenge and applied themselves in their respective areas of responsibility.’ The following boys have now taken up these important positions and should be congratulated on their new roles:

Art and Design
Christy Moore
Felix Scambler
Paul Ellinghorst
Michael le Roux

Younger Years
Rhys Evans
Phoenix Kellah-Nash
Joshy Wight
Rufus White
Reuben Malet de Carteret
Charlie Babb
Thomas Hatcher
Tommy Wight
Nicholas Draper

Lucas Starling
Max Baker
Victor Lyashenko
Max Moore
Ruairi Taylor
Nicholas Murfin
Hugh Jacobs

English and Drama
Harry Gregor
Harry Ebbans
Hamish MacLennan
Joseph Stankowski

Community and Sustainability
Arran Blevins
Rafe Buxton

Hari Stewart
William Ashworth
Saahan Kapoor
Oliver Casebourne
Noah Horne