Headmaster’s Club

The Headmaster runs the ‘Headmaster’s Club’ in the autumn and spring terms for Year 7 and 8 boys.

The Club provides lectures, discussion and workshop theatres on a varying range of subjects and is intended to be thought-provoking for the boys. 

Recent Headmaster’s Clubs have included the following lectures: 

  • ‘My journey into television and radio presenting’ – Nigel Mitchell, Arsenal FM Radio
  • ‘Tackling Everest Base Camp…with children!’ – Mr Mundell
  • ‘Travels through the West Bank and Palestine’ – The Reverend Bourne
  • ‘Sexting/Social Media; awareness, the pitfalls and the age of criminal responsibility’ – Metropolitan Police Youth Team
  • ‘Live TV presenting and winning Celebrity MasterChef’ – Angellica Bell
  • ‘Anti-Bullying’ – Robert Higgs