Pastoral Care

Shrewsbury House offers excellent pastoral care. The well-being and care of the boys is fundamentally important and absolutely central to all that we do. We want your son to be happy and to thrive at Shrewsbury House.

Our focus is on the whole child, as we are very aware that all aspects of school life contribute significantly to the well-being of an individual boy. We aim to provide a nurturing environment for your son during his time at Shrewsbury House.

Throughout his Prep School career, each boy will have the opportunity for individual care and support. The Pastoral Structure of the school allows support to operate on several different levels. Your son will have his own Form Tutor, who oversees their general well-being and progress, while a Head of Year maintains an overview on all boys in a year group. The Deputy Head Pastoral liaises closely with all staff, as well as providing support for parents. Parents are also encouraged to liaise with their son’s form tutor.

In our commitment to supporting your family’s journey, we have introduced Tooled Up Education, an invaluable resource designed to equip parents with practical and psychological tools to navigate life’s challenges. Developed by leading experts and rooted in extensive global research, Tooled Up Education has unearthed valuable insights from academics worldwide, transforming them into actionable strategies to empower families. The resources contain short videos, podcasts, webinars, activities and tip sheets covering:

  • Mental health – protecting and sustaining children’s positive mental health;
  • Digital Life – teaching safe and positive engagement with the digital world;
  • Learning – what we can be doing at home to help our teens thrive at school;
  • Managing emotions – the best approaches to challenging behaviour;
  • Family life and relationships – investing in good quality relationships at home to help our teens thrive in other areas of their life;
  • Aspiration – motivating our children to aim high and supporting them on their journey.