The Library

Our light and expansive Library houses over 9000 books and is designed to encourage, develop and support the love of books and reading. The Library is a busy, vibrant place with colourful displays promoting author visits, books and special events and it encourages a passion for reading.

Ample choices of texts across a variety of genres are readily available, including classic fiction novels, brief reads and short story collections, graphic novels and anthologies, and are suitable for a wide range of reading abilities. New publications and magazines arrive regularly. The extensive range of fiction and non-fiction complements the school curriculum, taking note of topics studied by each year group.

Reading is promoted strongly at Shrewsbury House with our ‘Book of the Month’ initiative and this is supported by regular author visits. Recent visits have included those by Scarlett Thomas, Mark Powers and Ally Sherrick. Other local schools are often invited in to attend these talks too. Library lessons provide an opportunity to listen to recommendations from peers, teachers and the Library staff, with time for quiet reading and a chance for the boys to change their books.

The Library staff provide encouragement and guidance to the boys as well as recommending new authors or genres. The Library is open during lunchtime for the boys to enjoy. The Accelerated Reader Programme encourages all pupils to read widely and they are recognised for their efforts if they achieve a million words when they attend the Millionaire’s Tea Party with the Executive Head! The Library plays an active part in everyday life at SHS and has something for everyone.

The library deserves a special mention: an incredible space housing over 9,000 books, beautifully presented and organised, which seems designed to make even the least enthusiastic reader feel that immersing himself in a book might actually be an attractive proposition.

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