Seminar Series Guest Speaker

The boys in Year7 and 8 were captivated by the seminar with Dr Klepac, who works on control and elimination of vaccine-preventable diseases and has a particular interest in international cooperation in public health. Her research lies at the interface of epidemiology, economics, ecology and applied mathematics. In this fascinating seminar, Dr Klepac discussed her work on the BBC  documentary “Contagion: The BBC4 Pandemic” and the boys were struck by the interdisciplinary skills needed in this type of research. We also celebrated Dr Klepac’s achievements: for her emergency response modelling work on the COVID-19 pandemic, she has received the Weldon Memorial Prize and SPI-M-O Award for Modelling and Data Support together with other members of the modelling team. She is a former “For Women in Science” UNESCO-L’Oréal Fellow and AXA Research Fund Fellow. An inspiration to us all!