The School of Rock

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week, the Pinsent Hall was transformed into a musical venue to rival the O2 as it was filled with the sound of guitars, drums, keyboards and some seriously cool singers.   It was time for the Year 7 boys to be registered into the class of 2019 at ‘The School of Rock’. 

The boys not only acted but sang and danced, busting out some moves and even playing their own instruments.  The enthusiasm and commitment of the boys to a play with so many technical elements, as well as some seriously dodgy leopard print trousers was tremendous. The boys sang foot-stomping songs such as ‘Stick it to the Man’, ‘Listen’ and ‘School of Rock’. 

A huge thank you to the Drama Prefects, Harry Gregor, Harry Ebbans, Hamish MacLennan, Joseph Stankowski and also members of the Theatre Club for helping out backstage.  Well done to Saahan Kapoor for his attention grabbing safety announcement and welcome to the parents.

A special thank you also has to go to the parents for the make-up and costumes, especially Ms Hunt who provided the blazers and ties, as well as Mr Jani, Mr Nugent and Mr Hill for providing back-up to the band, Mr Lennon for his work on sound and Mr Driscoll for the lighting.

The bandleader of the whole production was the marvellous musical maestro Mr Thomas who put the whole show together in a remarkably short amount of time.  It was a wonderful way for the Year 7s to end such a busy half term and their medley encore will live on for some time; who could get those tunes out of our heads this morning!