Tom Palmer Author Visit

Year 5 and 6, along with pupils from both Rowan Preparatory and
St Matthew’s C of E, had the wonderful opportunity to welcome award winning children’s author of 57 published children’s books, Tom Palmer to Shrewsbury House. 

Captivating the whole audience, Tom spoke openly about his struggles as a reluctant reader during childhood to how reading about football in magazines and newspapers changed his life.  

Now a successful author of historical, spy and sport themed children’s books, Tom spoke with warmth, passion and honesty about his twenty year journey to get his first book published, the difference between his publishers and how his current editor consistently challenges him to produce his best work.  By guiding us through his personal journey from initial idea to the final product, the pupils were treated to viewing pages from one of his many scrapbooks, his spider diagrams and photographs of the characters that influence his story.  

It was truly inspiring for the pupils to not only see how the vast notes he keeps help him to overcome memory difficulties but how his own planning and structure of writing a novel draws parallel to how the pupils plan and structure their own creative stories.  

Hearing about his latest Novel Resist, it really is no wonder that Tom is described as a true reading hero.  Listening to the background of Audrey Hepburn and why Tom chose to write this book has not only inspired many of the children to eagerly begin reading the fascinating ‘Resist’ but a lot of the staff too!

Quotes from the Year 5 and 6 pupils:

“It was very inspiring to say the complete least.”  Hugo R, Year 6

“The thing I liked the most about the author visit was when Tom Palmer answered the questions because then we could ask questions about his books you would like to know and he would answer.” Gregory N, Year 5

“The author visit was intriguing and riddled with facts.  It has inspired me to read more books.  We learnt about the war and football and it has changed my point of view and then to write a book.”  Ollie C, Year 6

“The author visit was interesting and helped me learn about the author, writing and publishing books.  We learnt about the war and things that happened to the people the author loved and loved him.”  Ayaz D, Year 6

“I think Tom Palmer is amazing because he was so  patient and never rushed to write a book.  He has so many different kinds of books.” Ruaridh D M, Year 5

“I liked it a lot and it was very inspiring to learn from someone who has gone through a lot.  It was amazing.”  Zane G, Year 6