Year 3 Concert

Our Year 3 boys gave a superb performance of this musical retelling of the trials and triumphs of the boy Joseph. Featuring much-loved pop and musical theatre classics, including “Any Dream Will Do”, “Close Every Door” and the Elvis inspired Pharaoh, the boys impressed the audience with their confidence and energy.

In addition to “Joseph”, the Year 3 choir performed “Red Car”, a lively and challenging song by the contemporary English composer Jonathan Dove. The Year 3 guitar group also made their debut performance, giving an assured performance of three contrasting pieces, which they had learnt after only three rehearsals.

Artists like Queen, George Ezra and Survivor are not styles you would normally associate with the recorder, but the Year 3 boys transcended these boundaries with each class performing a pop song on the recorder, with our visited music teachers providing an appropriate rock and pop accompaniment.

Congratulations to the Year 3 boys on such a superb first year group concert. As Mrs Hubbard commented, we can only imagine what these young men will be achieving by the time they are in Year 8!