Year 4 Trip to the French Institute

Last week, Year 4 headed to the renowned French Institute located in South Kensington, London. 

The boys were split into two groups. One group went to the Quentin Blake Library where a member of the Institute read them a story in French. Then the boys worked very well in groups reading their own book, picking up details (author, story, synopsis) and presenting this to their peers, accompanying staff and members of the Institute Library team. The morning concluded with an interactive quiz on French culture.  It was wonderful to watch the collaboration and enthusiasm of the boys as they immersed themselves in each task achieving most impressive results and clearly enjoying the new challenges on offer.

The other group went on to do language activities, including a lot of speaking and interaction relating to the theme of friendship and reinforcing topics we learnt this year. After lunch, we all settled in the Cine Lumiere and enjoyed watching an anime. ‘Ernest and Celestine’ is the charming story of an unexpected friendship between a mouse and a bear, conquering their differences and defying the odds which challenged them throughout the story. Whilst full of humour, the film highlights tolerance, friendship and personal growth. It was very much enjoyed by the boys and staff alike, generating several interesting conversations afterwards, with a number of boys saying they would like to watch more Ernest and Celestine adventures!

The boys really enjoyed their first French outing and their experience of such a unique opportunity to be immersed in French culture in the heart of London. A thoroughly enjoyable day for pupils and staff alike. The boys impressed through their eagerness to participate, the standard of their French and their general good conduct throughout the day.