Year 5 Life Cycles – Chicks

Year 5, as part of their studies, learnt about Life Cycles in Science. As part of this the Science Department were very excited to take delivery of some chicken eggs to help support the boys learning. The Science Department set up a ‘chick cam’ to monitor and watch as the eggs hatched. In all, nine beautiful chicks hatched and the boys took great delight in watching them hatch and grow.

The chicks were kept in School for two weeks, and housed in specially designed brooding boxes to keep them warm. They were cleaned every day by a team of Year 5 helpers who, whilst supervised, were given the responsibility for the welfare of the chicks.

All of the chicks that we hatched through this programme, both hens and cockerels, were ethically re-homed on free-range farms and small holdings in delightful surroundings.