Year 6 Mosque Competition

Year 6 were tasked to create a miniature model of a mosque out of any material they wished such as cardboard, Lego, clay, wood, plastic etc. The model needed to include the key features found on and inside a mosque. Colour and attention to detail were important.  

Once submitted each pupil from the class was then asked to vote for their favourite mosque, taking into account the time and effort that was also used to construct the model.

Well done and congratulations to:

6H: Jihun E (3rd), Alexander d C (2nd) James M (1st):  6J: George R (3rd), Andy Y (2nd), Harry B (1st)

6K: Marcus S (3rd), Rory R (2nd), Jack W (1st): 6M: 3rd Zach H, Manny D (2nd), Hugo R (1st)