Year 6 trip to Wellington College Science Spectacular

Year 6 travelled to Wellington College to be spectacularly entertained by their science team for a lesson in the world of chemical reactions. The journey commenced with a dramatic burst of a hydrogen balloon, engulfed in flames that illuminated the stage, setting the tone for an afternoon filled with scientific wonders. Throughout the show, the audience was treated to displays of mini-explosions, vibrant lights, and a kaleidoscope of colours, captivating a deep appreciation for the dynamic nature of chemical reactions.

The chemistry team at Wellington College skillfully blended education with entertainment, ensuring that the boys remained transfixed, their eyes widening with each burst of excitement. The boys’ eagerness to volunteer for questions posed by the Wellington team demonstrated not only their engagement with the material but also their enthusiasm for learning beyond the confines of the classroom. A great day of learning and discovery, well done Year 6!