Year 7 enjoy a visit to Tom Hanks ‘The Moonwalkers’

Travelling to the venue by public transport, Year 7 enjoyed a trip to London to the amazing Lightroom Venue at Kings Cross to experience Tom Hanks’ The Moonwalkers. Enjoying much coverage since it opened with a glowing and well deserved review in The Times, Tom Hanks worked with a production company and the Lightroom to produce an amazing story of the NASA Apollo missions to the Moon with interludes and anecdotes from his own experiences as a young boy in the 1960s and 1970s watching the Missions on his TV at home. The future Artemis Missions going back to the Moon planned for 2025 are also covered.  Throughout they have used original footage of President John F Kennedy giving a speech, Saturn V Rockets taking off, the Moon landings, along with Astronauts bouncing on the Moon and driving Moon buggys.