Year 7 History trip to the National Army Museum

Year 7  visited the National Army Museum in Chelsea. To support their CE History work the workshop the boys attended was a very interactive one on the weapons and tactics of the English Civil War. They all had a chance to handle replica weapons and wear armour and clothing from the 17th Century and then present their findings to the rest of the group.

The boys toured the different galleries and floors, studying the English Civil War, as well as exploring other sections of this very well stocked Museum. Amongst the numerous treasures were: the skeleton of Napoleon’s horse, the robes of Lawrence of Arabia, a Zulu Warrior’s shield, a full-scale model of a Churchill Tank and a huge model of the Waterloo battlefield. The favourite display for the boys was the frost-bitten toes of a British Army SAS Mountain Climber who lost his toes after a difficult ascent of Mt Everest and donated them to the Museum for display!