Year 7 Fantastic Performance of ‘Sherlock & Cinders’

This week, 45 Year 7 boys waited eagerly in the wings for the curtain to rise on the first show of the academic year – Sherlock and Cinders!

Every boy was in full costume and some had donned fancy wigs and sparkly eyeshadow! The audience’s response was one of joy and amusement as the year group managed to pull out all the stops on a fantastic production. Their hard work paid off and it was a near faultless performance.

The school play is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to showcase hidden talents and build upon their wealth of skills. So much confidence and enthusiasm was on display that you would have been hard pressed to leave the performance without a smile you your face.

Jacob – Played Major Domo in Act 2: My favourite parts were when people were improvising because it made it funnier.

Zihao – Played Imelza in Act 1: I really appreciated Miss Weddle giving me a bigger role and I really enjoyed doing my last play at SHS.

Christopher – Played Monsieur Boutons in Act 1: I loved that I did my French accent was perfect and that people thought I was really funny.

Tobias – Played Prince Charming in Act 2: Every single person from my family was in the audience to watch me.

Hari – Played the Butler in Act 2: I loved the props and I loved carrying around a big camera!

Hector – Played King Charming in Act 2: I really enjoyed the rehearsals and watching what everyone else had done in the act. I loved the police song and the clothes song.

Rishaan – Played Narcissa in Act 2: I liked singing and all the feedback I got. Loads of people told me that I was their parents’ favourite and that I was amazing.