Executive Head’s Welcome

Established in 1865, Shrewsbury House School is one of England’s oldest boys’ Preparatory Schools and educates boys from the ages of 7 to 13 years. At age 13, our boys move up to their senior schools as intellectually curious young men who have had numerous opportunities to shine and reach their full potential. At Shrewsbury House, each boy is recognised as an individual and their efforts and attainment are duly celebrated.

Inclusivity is central to Shrewsbury House School’s ethos and all boys regularly will take on new challenges to extend them beyond their previous encounters. Every boy will perform in his annual Year Group Concert and Play. Every boy has the opportunity to represent the School in the three main competitive sports of football, rugby and cricket. Opportunities are wide and frequent for the boys to take part in a broad range of inter-prep and national academic, sport and cultural events. The six years your son will spend in his Prep School are critically influential in developing strong independent learning skills and a robust work ethic; these in turn will provide solid foundations for future success.

Aside from the fact that our boys go on to the top senior schools and are very successful in winning highly prized Scholarships and Awards, they are also kind and compassionate individuals.  Our boys develop strong independent learning skills, and a mindset where new challenges will be welcomed, where a confident, happy keenness to ‘have a go’ will override the fear of failure and where a robust work ethic will be established, all of which will help to ensure their success at their senior school and way beyond.

Shrewsbury House’s motto ‘Alta Peto’ means ‘aim high’; we are extremely fortunate that our boys – past and present – have contributed so much to the rich fabric of Shrewsbury House School and continue to aspire to our School motto.

Joanna Hubbard – MA BA(Hons) PGCE PGDipSEN
Executive Head