Entry Process

We understand that choosing a new school can be a daunting task and will possibly be one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. These pages aim to provide an overview of how to register your son for entry to Shrewsbury House School and guide you through the key stages of the admissions process.

We hope you will find all the information you require, but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Ms Fi Sweetland, either via email registrar@shstrust.net or telephone 020 8399 3066.

If you would like your son to be considered for a place at Shrewsbury House you need to complete and return the School Registration Form as soon as possible. The Registration Form can either be completed electronically and emailed to Ms Sweetland: registrar@shstrust.net or printed, completed by hand and sent to Shrewsbury House. Please note the registration fee details on the form.

Prep School (7+) intake

The main entry point into Shrewsbury House is into Year 3, at age 7, via the Conditional Place Assessment; full details are outlined below.

Places may become available in other year groups (see Occasional Places below).

Conditional Places Assessment for Year 3 – September 2021 Entry

The Conditional Place Assessment for pupils wishing to join the School in September 2021 will take place on Friday 20th November 2020.

The entry of your son for the Conditional Place Assessment is secured by the completion of the School Registration Form. Parents/guardians should ensure they indicate which means of entry they would like their son to sit. Once registered, parents will need to confirm their son’s attendance at the Conditional Place Assessment by completing an online form and paying a £100 assessment fee by Monday 2nd November 2020. The form will be sent to registered families in October 2020, ahead of the half term break.

There is a place available for every boy who undertakes this assessment; however, a boy will need to demonstrate that he has the potential to be able to thrive at Shrewsbury House School to obtain an offer of a definite place. A report is also requested from the boy’s current Head.

Offers for 2021 entry will be made on Wednesday 25th November 2020 and a deposit of £2500 will be requested to confirm your son’s place.

The completed and signed Acceptance Form and deposit are required by Monday 7th December.

Full details of the terms and conditions which apply to this deposit will be included with the offer letter. Conditional Places are only offered to boys who will be seven years of age on starting at Shrewsbury House School.

If you have any further questions please contact the Registrar, Ms Fi Sweetland, either via email registrar@shstrust.net or telephone 020 8399 3066.

Occasional Places

If places arise in year groups, mid-year, other assessment dates may be offered at short notice, dependent on circumstances and availability of places.

For overseas candidates, arrangements can usually be made for assessments to be taken in the country of residence.

Please do contact our Registrar, Ms Fi Sweetland, either via email registrar@shstrust.net or telephone 020 8399 3066, if you are seeking an Occasional Place.

Prep School Admissions Timeline

Stage One: Enquiry

An enquiry to us is the first stage of the admission process. Please do call us with any questions you may have; we would be delighted to assist. Following your call or email, we will take note of your contact details, send you an information pack if requested, and invite you to visit the School for one of our Headmaster’s Tours.

These tours are arranged for a small group of parents and generally take place on a Friday morning, commencing at 9:15am. The Headmaster’s presentation and tour concludes at approximately 12:30pm and it is strongly advised that young children or babies should not attend. Demand for appointments to visit the School is usually high. We strongly recommend that if Shrewsbury House is of interest to you, you contact our Registrar, Ms Sweetland, as soon as you are able to do so: email registrar@shstrust.net or telephone 020 8399 3066.

Stage Two: Registering

Registering your child is the second stage in the admissions process. If you have been to see us and would like your son to be considered for a Conditional Place, do complete the registration form and return it to us with the registration fee. Once your child is registered, they are entered on our books as having officially expressed an interest in joining the school, and will be invited to attend assessment as the next step in the application process. For candidates who are dyslexic or have other educational requirements, we ask to see a copy of an Educational Psychologist’s report, prior to registration, dated within the last 12 months; this is so that our experts can advise you whether they feel Shrewsbury House would be the right choice for your child, and whether moving to registration would be appropriate.

Stage Three: Assessments

Our main entry assessments takes place in the November prior to the anticipated year of entry. To gain a definite place, your son will need to demonstrate he has the potential to thrive at Shrewsbury House. All registered pupils will be invited to join us for the day. As well as undertaking Maths and English based assessments in small groups, your son will be involved in creative and physical activities and staff will spend time getting to know more about him. Important consideration is also given to the report we receive from your son’s current school. 

Stage Four: Admission

Pupils are offered places on the basis of their performance in the entry assessments, subject to satisfactory references from their current school. In all cases, a place is confirmed by signing and returning an original copy of the acceptance form, along with payment of the relevant acceptance deposit. Joining papers and welcome packs are then sent out over the summer term.

Key Dates for Admissions – 2021 Conditional Place Entry

Saturday 3rd October

Open Morning – 9.30-11.30am

Monday 2nd November

Deadline to confirm that your son will be sitting for the Conditional Assessment and the payment of the exam fee (£100)

Friday 20th November

Conditional Place Assessments

Wednesday 25th November

Offers published (via post)

Monday 7th December

Acceptance & deposit deadline

Acceptance Deposit

An Acceptance Deposit of £2,500 is payable on acceptance of a place at Shrewsbury House School. The deposit is retained until the end of Year 8 or the end of the pupil’s final term at Shrewsbury House, providing a term’s notice is given. 

If the offer of a place and its acceptance are both made entirely at distance, by means of post or electronic communication without either parent meeting face-to-face, the parents may cancel this agreement at any time within 14 days of the day after the School receives the completed and signed acceptance form. 

After this period, should parents wish to cancel their son’s place, ahead of starting at Shrewsbury House, the Acceptance Deposit will be forfeited, and unless a full term’s notice of the cancellation is given, a term’s fees will be payable.

Full Terms and Conditions are supplied at the time of making an offer.

Nursery & Pre-Prep School (3+ to 7+)

Shrewsbury House School Trust has two Pre-Prep schools: Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep in Esher www.shrewsburyhousepreprep.net and The Rowans in Wimbledon www.rowans.org.uk.

For further information on entry to these schools, please contact the relevant Registrar below:
Shrewsbury House Pre-Prep, Mrs Akhurst shppadmissions@shstrust.net
The Rowans, Mrs Johns registrar@rowans.org.uk

For further information regarding admission to Shrewsbury House School, please call 020 8399 3066.