The English Department at Shrewsbury House aims to inspire an understanding and appreciation of English language and literature, enabling pupils to become passionate readers and effective communicators. English lessons at Shrewsbury House take the pupils on a journey through the exciting worlds of prose, poetry and drama as well as language from a range of diverse backgrounds, including the influence of technology in an ever-changing world.

Rigorous preparation for Common Entrance and Scholarships for entry to the country’s most prestigious schools is, we believe, both driven and enhanced by our philosophy of providing a broad, flexible and ambitious English curriculum.

There is a particularly rich English timetable.

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The boys’ learning is led by high-quality literature across a variety of genres and time periods, with each year group studying whole novels, as well as a Shakespeare play; boys are also exposed to a significant range of poetry. Boys also have the opportunity to develop their creative writing outside of the classroom through external competitions.

We aim to enable boys to speak with confidence and communicate clearly in a wide variety of circumstances and situations. As well as frequent opportunities within the classroom, all boys participate in the annual House Poetry Competition. They also have the opportunity to engage in externally assessed presentations, enabling them to gain awards for choral/group poetry recitals, interview skills and debating.

There are opportunities to read at the Harvest Festival, Remembrance and Carol Services as well as at school events and assemblies.

Theatre outings, inspirational workshops from visiting specialists, as well as visits from best-selling authors and our annual World Book Day event, further enhance the English curriculum.