In the Geography Department we develop an understanding of the dynamic and interconnected world of the past, present and future.

Geography at Shrewsbury House aims to inspire pupils to understand the world around them, while also showing them their place in it and fostering values of global citizenship. The Geography Department has set up an Eco Committee which has worked closely with the School Council to raise awareness of issues of environmental sustainability in and around the school and on a global scale. ‘Geography in the News’ is a focus throughout our studies and students are encouraged to take an active interest in current affairs to support their learning in the classroom. Boys develop skills to analyse and interpret data sources, form opinions on geographical issues and experience fieldwork. During Year 8 boys undertake a project that explores  the ‘Changing Face of the UK High Street.’

The study of Physical and Human Geography topics enable pupils to develop an awareness, empathy and balanced view of our ever-changing world.

Current topics include:

  • Locational knowledge and map skills
  • Plate tectonics- earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Rivers and coasts
  • Weather and climate
  • Globalisation
  • Migration and population
  • Global and UK challenges
  • Oceans
  • Contrasting environments
  • Country study units include Russia, Australia and China

Other key learning

The department runs field trips to West Wittering to Kingston town centre for data collection and coursework. There are also extension opportunities such as rivers and coasts model making and postcard competitions.