In History, we aim to make the past accessible for all through instilling pupils with interest and excitement for the historical past and its massive influence on the present.

History is a popular and important academic subject at Shrewsbury House School. History shaped our world and we strive to give our students a sound understanding of their history, the history of Britain and of the world. The SHS History experience journeys through Ancient Egypt, the Celts and the Roman Empire, the Vikings and Aztecs, the Norman Conquest and Medieval England – and concludes with the Tudors and Stuarts.

We encourage our students to use the skills they learn in History lessons – research, objective thought, writing, reasoning, among others – in their wider education and development. We aim to ensure our students take a broad interest in History and in the current affairs that will form part of their history, while supporting their individual interests in specific areas.

One of the best history rooms we’ve ever seen. It would be hard to imagine not falling in love with history in a room crammed with artefacts: medals, armour, uniforms, flags, standards and weapons and books piled on almost every horizontal surface.

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We offer extra-curricular trips to Parliament and to the Mary Rose in Portsmouth and have also hosted a series of talks at Shrewsbury House, ranging from the influence of the Railway, Waterloo, Agincourt and Bletchley Park, to name a few. These have proved a popular stage for informal educational opportunities for the students – and enable those in our wider community to be involved as well.

We participate in the annual Townsend-Warner History Prize and have had many successes among current and past students, including gaining first place in 2022.