Reasoning skills are taught in the Younger to Middle Years at Shrewsbury House following our own bespoke programme as well as using the Atom Based Learning Programme. Reasoning comprises two areas: Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  This subject is taught as a specific area of the curriculum and the work the boys cover helps to support learning undertaken in English and mathematics spatial skills.

Verbal Reasoning tests our boys’ facility with language to measure their wider reasoning ability. The results give an indication of how pupils assimilate new information, and highlight their skills in verbal thinking above and beyond their formal literacy abilities.

Non-Verbal Reasoning tests our boys’ ability to recognise similarities, analogies and patterns in unfamiliar designs. The mental processes required to complete these tests develop pupils’ understanding and assimilation of new information.

The enjoyment of Reasoning lies in the ability to appreciate pattern and order, to solve puzzles and to show an interest in vocabulary. These skills will challenge the boys to think and that this practice proves beneficial in all academic subjects and equips them well in life.

It is intended the boys will feel confident and happy when completing Reasoning and Cognitive tests for the Senior Schools’ selection process. The boys are prepared thoroughly for the Pre- assessments to Senior Schools.