Theology, Philosophy & Religion

Studying Theology, Philosophy & Religion (TPR) at Shrewsbury House provides pupils with a wonderful opportunity to develop their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions, while considering and understanding others.

The Department provides a stimulating and secure environment which inspires pupils to study principal world faiths and explore spiritual and moral issues showing mutual respect, understanding and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

We encourage pupils to think for themselves and explore different theories and beliefs, promoting tolerance and understanding of all, while still being able to develop and express individual ideas.

From a young age, pupils are challenged to do more than simply learn, with greater emphasis placed upon gaining an awareness of contemporary issues and ideas, and forming opinions over matters that maybe they have never considered before. Lessons will involve opportunity for discussion and debate and the working through of key issues together.

Pupils presently participate in visits to further their knowledge and understanding in TPR in the younger and middle Year groups. In Year 3, pupils visit The King’s Centre in Chessington to learn more about the Christmas Story and take part in the Easter Experience. In Year 5, pupils study world faiths and visit the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir – a Hindu temple in Neasden, London. Built entirely using traditional methods and materials, the Swaminarayan Mandir has been described as Britain’s first authentic Hindu temple.

The introduction of Philosophy in Year 7 includes the following questions:

  • what is read and what is illusion?
  • does the end justify the means?
  • what is justice?

There is also a focus on ethics and includes:

  • existence after death?
  • is the use of war justified?
  • the limits of freedoms?
  • are humans morally responsible for their environment?

Boys study some of the key Christian teachings based upon Biblical text and assess how they are relevant in our world today. Social, moral and ethical issues make up a good proportion of pupils’ studies in their time at SHS, with these being closely linked in to the PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) syllabus. Studied topics are extremely wide ranging and challenging, designed to stretch all the pupils in their thinking and help prepare them for life beyond the Prep School world.