More Able, Gifted and Talented

We provide opportunities for the more able to accelerate and reach their potential, as well as those who need extra support.

Our classes are fluidly set in Year 4 for Maths and English, with a faster ‘band’ of classes and a band of classes which operates at a more moderate pace. There is regular movement between sets, to allow for pupils developing at different paces. This setting continues into Year 5.

In Year 6, English, Maths and French are set. At this stage, we also introduce a class called ‘Removed’. This class is timetabled differently for all subjects, but follows the same curriculum as the rest of Year 6; essentially the ‘Removed’ class moves at a faster pace. It enables those who would benefit from further acceleration at this stage across all subjects, to do so. Not every boy will remain in this set beyond the year and others may join during the course of the year or at the end of the year. Boys develop academically at such different rates; it is important that we see what is best for each boy and set accordingly.