Class Music

Class music lessons teach boys how to read and write music and provide them with the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical styles.

They will discover the importance of music in their own lives and be encouraged to approach music of different times, genres and cultures with an open mind. Students acquire a basic knowledge of the rudiments of music, including Italian terms, and the workings, sounds and names of musical instruments, and acquire musical vocabulary relating to forms, styles and genres of music.

The music classes are designed to involve all children, regardless of ability, in enjoyable and stimulating musical activities through traditional means and the use of technology. As the boys move through the School, the curriculum is exciting, flexible and progressive. The broad content of the curriculum is intended to be adaptable for the boys in different year groups and academic streams, and a careful watch is maintained to ensure that all boys have the opportunity to learn and make progress.

With a Director of Music who is a professional composer of film, documentaries and musicals, the boys have the great advantage of having up-to-date, genuine music examples to work on in a classroom setting.